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About HealthKick Kung Fu Half Day Summer Camp

HealthKick Kung Fu Half Day Summer Camp

Study the ancient martial arts of Shaolin Kung Fu and increase confidence, discipline, respect for themselves and those around them.

5 - 12
8:45 am- 12:00 pm
Half day
9 Weeks

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HealthKick Kung Fu Half Day Summer Camp is a program offered to all interested in Chicago, IL.

Looking for a summer camp experience that will:

Build your child’s confidence? Give your child a sense of accomplishment? Improve your child’s athletic dexterity? Teach your child discipline and self-control?

The exercises provide a full body workout that will enhance health and vigor. They require concentration and focus, which will help them learn mental discipline. An emphasis is placed on avoiding physical confrontations when necessary, providing your child with the skill to successfully negotiate aggressive behavior.

A goal is set for the children to move up to the next sash level by the end of the nine weeks.

Whether your child is new to the program, or already an enrolled student, they have an end result in sight as they attend the camp. Along with the Kung Fu curriculum, children will periodically go on trips to the park, zoo and lakefront. Other activities are introduced as a means to help them deepen their understanding of martial arts .

HealthKick Kung FU HALF DAY Summer Camp for Kids is held in beautiful Lincoln Park. It meets Monday thru Friday for 3 hours a day for nine weeks. Drop off is on North Avenue a little bit east of the Chicago History Musuem. We then walk to different areas within Lincoln Park or along North Avenue beach where we hold class. Children are picked up at North Avenue and Clark Street.

During inclement weather, Camp is held indoors at our location.


Children new to Camp must purchase and wear the Summer Camp shorts and T-Shirt.

They must wear the appropriate footwear that fits securely on the foot (No flip-flops!).

Uniform fee ($100) includes: T-shirt, shorts and one weapon.

Food is not provided, so children must also have a bag or box lunch with them.

A Sash Promotion will be held at the end of the nine weeks. At that time, family members and loved ones can see what your child has learned and join in celebrating their accomplishments.

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